Periodicity.: October - December 2018
e-ISSN......: 2236-269X
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Corporate University: An implementation case analysis, in Argentina

Leandro Adolfo Viltard, Leandro Viltard


The corporate training does not have the shape that we knew. The specificity of what modern organizations require and the limited executive time make that it cannot be developed in the traditional places or ways. In this context, it is observed that the Traditional Universities (TU) have other objectives than those that companies require, visualizing Corporate University (CU) as a necessary complement to the known ways of training. Additionally, the CU is presented as an improvement to the Traditional Training Departments (TTD) and feasible for smaller organizations, offering continuous learning assistance, and skills and knowledge development. It also assures the future organizational sustainability and -since the CU is focused on the vision, mission and strategy- it contributes to change management and competitive advantage development. The hypothesis of this investigation –which is corroborated- proposes that the CU is vital in developing the stakeholders’ knowledge and skills and that -through its implementation- it is possible to help in obtaining sustainable competitive advantages. The study objective is referred to analyze the CU and its contribution to knowledge and to business development, and to offer greater foundations for its implementations in Argentina. This work is exploratory and descriptive, with a qualitative methodology. It is based on literature review of important specialists, complemented with a case analysis of an Argentinean multinational company.


Traditional University; Corporate University; Training; Development; Higher education; Education

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