Strategic mistakes (AVOIDABLE) The topicality of Michel Porter’s generic strategies

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Leandro Adolfo Viltard
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This article explores the topicality of Porter’s generic strategies, assessing about their applicability on two specific automotive industry projects: The Smart and the New Beetle.  

After performing a documentation analysis on these two projects, it was concluded that both of them may be considered avoidable strategic mistakes as they show the risks of higher differentiation that is not being paid by the customer, no matter how if it is about recognized brands or icon products. Hazards and risks, like big losses and negative margins, are applicable to every firm.  

This is a qualitative investigation with a not experimental and transversal research design. 


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Leandro Adolfo Viltard, Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina, Buenos Aires, Universidad de Palermo, Buenos Aires, Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE) y Universidad de San Isidro, Buenos Aires.

• Proven success as Company Executive, Consultant and Professor at higher education levels.
• Seasoned in conceiving and building programs from the ground up through proven competencies in business related matters.
• Highly developed research qualitative and analytical skills with a strong capacity to conduct independent research.
• Exposed to racially and ethnically diverse populations with proven results.
• Effective communicator, with good planning, organization and negotiation strengths as well as ability to lead, reach consensus, establish goals and attain results.

Thanks to the opportunities I had in my corporate career, I got a global vision of the company business leading its basic areas: International Business Development, Sales, Strategy & Marketing, Finance, Planning, Control and General Management. Also, I had the chance to manage different industrial sectors and products (technology, services, retail, mass markets and education).
Also, I lived and work in Italy and Argentina, managing projects in different parts of the world (China, India, EU, USA, and LA), for top international companies (IBM, PepsiCo Int., Silicon Graphics Int.) and multinational family businesses (in USA and Italy).
Thanks to the company experience I got, I´ve been able to be Professor (graduate and post graduate levels) in different local and international Universities for more than16 years. Additionally, I wrote 2 books and papers related to my areas of expertise, and I was exposed to MBA Thesis Directions and Jury.
I am fluent in Spanish (mother tongue), English and Italian and I am ready for relocation or frequent travel.

Specialties: General Management, Strategic planning, International Business Development, Administration & Finance, Marketing, Sales, Skills: Negociation, Team Building, Communication,


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