6th International Congress on Logistics and Operations (V - IFLOG)


The 6th International Congress on Logistics and Operations (VI IFLOG), is an event coordinated by the Management Department at Federal Institute of Sao Paulo - Suzano Campus.
Despite this year's adversities, the organizing committee decided to hold a virtual edition of the event. It is a great pleasure to invite researchers, students, professionals and enthusiasts to submit their work to VI IFLOG, deadline on November 30, 2020.

The best works will participate in a fast-track for the periodical - Independent Journal of Management & Production (New Qualis - B1) The information about the event, as well as the link to the submission system are at the following email address:

Authors are invited to submit papers in the site:

The Organizing Commitee is available through email:

 Best Regards,

VI-IFLOG Organizing Committee

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