Journal Citation Reports


It is with great pleasure that I present the data obtained on the Web of Science website about our journal, showing the evolution in the different dimensions, here I present some of these dimensions.
I take this opportunity to inform you that I'm returning to work and I'm putting everything in order and on time, in the next few days you should receive a message from our Journal, giving a status of your submission/publication.

Return to work and indexing at SCOPUS


I would like to start my text by apologizing for being away for many months and not responding to colleagues in the journal. But unfortunately my health has not been very good and to make matters worse I continue to work alone in the tasks of our Journal, which at times are exhausting.

I intend to gradually resume my activities, from this month of June/2021, putting in order all the articles submitted and already evaluated. At times I was able to work on requests for documents and corrections in the journal site, which I believe I managed to complete.

But for me the most important and a great motivator was the information that our Journal was indexed in SCOPE. I share the certificate we received and have already provided the link to the SCOPE website, where you can see more information about our journal.