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Metaheuristic ILS with path relinking for the number partitioning problem

Cesar Augusto Souza de Oliveira, William de Paula Ferreira, Reinaldo Carlos Mendes, Gleisson de Assis, Marcone Jamilson Freitas Souza


This study brings an implementation of a metaheuristic procedure to solve the Number Partitioning Problem (NPP), which is a classic NP-hard combinatorial optimization problem. The presented problem has applications in different areas, such as: logistics, production and operations management, besides important relationships with other combinatorial problems. This paper aims to perform a comparative analysis between the proposed algorithm with others metaheuristics using a group of instances available on the literature. Implementations of constructive heuristics, local search and metaheuristics ILS with path relinking as mechanism of intensification and diversification were made in order to improve solutions, surpassing the others algorithms.


Number Partitioning Problem; NPP; metaheuristics; path relinking; combinatorial Optimization

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