Assessing the Impact of Electronic Supply Chain Management on the Performance of Small and Medium sized Enterprises using the Sustainable Balanced Scorecard Approach (Case Study of Online Stores and Industrial town of Abasabad)

Arshia Taimouri (
Department of Management, University of Ershad Damavand
September, 2015


Nowadays, terms like: confusion, chaos and competition are the main characteristics of the present global business environment. As a result, companies and enterprises are encountered a more complex and competitive environment in comparison to the past. Therefore, if they want to survive in this environment and remain competitive, should deliver their products to the target markets with higher quality, lower prices and apace. One of the secrets of success in this condition is the integration of business processes, so that, the integration of supply chain management is in priority. For getting to this integration, sharing related information among supply chain partners is absolutely crucial. Currently, Information Technology, by facilitating accessibility to comprehensive information plays a key role in this regard. The main purpose of this dissertation is to present an obvious image of benefits and advantages of the
electronic supply chain management and persuading the managers of different industries to adopt this valuable concept in all the
stages of their organizations. In fact, by applying, Sustainable balanced score card technique, the impact of electronic supply chain management on the performance of SMEs, regarding to perspectives such as economic, social, internal process, learning and growth and environmental is evaluated. In this study, the statistical society includes two groups: 1-Online stores located in Tehran, 2-Factories producing food products located in Abbas-Abad industrial estate. Data are collected from a questionnaire survey. In addition, the SPSS software is used to analyze the data. The results indicate that, electronic supply chain management just has positive impacts on economic and learning and growth performances of small and medium sized enterprises.