Lukmi Ati
School of business, Bogor Agricultural University
August, 2017
RMI-The Indonesian Institute for Forest and Environment
Bogor Baru, Blok C1, No.12A, BOGOR 16127 INDONESIA
Phone : +62-251-8320253, 8311097
Fax : +62-251-8320253
Mobile : +62-8121164073
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Rimbawan Muda Indonesia (RMI) is an independent NGO which focus on natural resources and environment, its purpose is to develop conservation of natural resources. To achieve its vision and mission, this organization haven’t able to apply their business model optimally, so the alternate strategies will needed to improve the business model. Research purposes: (1) Identifying and finding map of business model in RMI; (2) Analyzing SWOT each elements of RMI business model; (3) Designing alternate strategy as improvement of business model now. This reasearch combination of business model canvas (BMC) and SWOT matrix analysis. Based on analyze result, the conclusion is RMI need to improve its business model through alternate strategies which arranged including community organizing directly, databases as intellectual resources always well-updated and managed, development of networking outside Java, relations improve with donor via email intensively and roadshow, media usage to society through electronic media, while using email intensively and well-update website to donor, mapping the potential donor either old or the new one. Those strategies alternate in the form of improvement programs described in each element of business model canvas.