Polina Mihova Mihova (
Telecommunications, New Bulgarian University
May, 2014
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The dissertation is dedicated to enriching the already developed, or designing new IIA with features that allow medical practice without physical contact between doctor and patient, realized through operation of multiple consultations from different locations and at different times. Literature review provides a historical essay dedicated to Telemedicine in Bulgaria; analysis strategy for e-health in the country, together with statistics Ehealth Survey Europe. Used economic approach - SWOT analysis on the deployment and use of telemedicine in medical practice. Through literature review based on studies of four languages and more than 60 artists have produced two tabular comparative analysis, respectively 37 definitions of the term e-health and 57 definitions of the term telemedicine. Implementation units are 2 - Svogbe Hospital and National Transport Multi-Profile Hospital Tsar Boris III. Presented a comparative analysis of 40 parameters based on six months of research on the web on modern telemedicine systems. The software solution is illustrated with 15 screen, and has a total of 65 statistics. Demonstrated results from the 6-month probation period of the system, the benefits have been demonstrated in various parameters and cuts, one such example is reducing the number of hospitalized patients. Participants in the survey are in three categories - namely all users, the survey author is a product containing a total of 69 questions, divided into 8 categories.