ISSN: 2236-269X

January - June 2013

Published: 2013-06-14

Editorial: Volume 4, Number 1

Paulo Cesar Chagas Rodrigues


Performance Indexes: Similarities and Differences

André Machado Caldeira, Walter Gassenferth, Giovanna Lamastra Pacheco, Maria Augusta Soares Machado


Knowledge acquisition among engineeers in MNCS

Fakhrorazi Ahmad, Osman Mohamad, Hazril Izwar Ibrahim


Comparative analysis on the adoption of innovation in furniture companies

Rodolfo Reinaldo Hermes Petter, Luis Maurício Resende, Pedro Paulo de Andrade Júnior


Model for the correction of the specific gravity of biodiesel from residual oil

Tatiana Aparecida Rosa da Silva, Douglas Queiroz Santos, Waldomiro Borges Neto, Ana Paula de Lima


Competitive pressure systems mapping in the brazilian truck market

Ricardo Costa da Cruz, Francisco C. T. Starke-Rodrigues


Introductory background for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of pure silk fabric

Silvia M. B. D. Barcelos, Leila Mendes Luz, Ronaldo Salvador Vasques, Cassiano Moro Piekarski, Antonio Carlos Francisco


Market success factors of sustainable products

Janine Fleith de Medeiros, José Luis Duarte Ribeiro


Review of combining forecasts approaches

Aline Castello Branco Mancuso, Liane Werner


A Fuzzy Algorithm for understanding the customer's desire. An application designed for textile industry.

Fabio Luiz Peres Krykhtine, Carlos Alberto Nunes Cosenza, Francisco Antônio Dória


Association of costumer value chain analysis to quality function deployment: different identified costumers and requirements on development of CPM device

Raffaela Leane Zenni Tanure, Aline Marian Callegaro, Amanda Sória Buss, Márcia Elisa Soares Echeveste, Istefani Carísio de Paula, Carla Schwengber ten Caten


Non-technological innovation: current issues and perspectives

Cristina Saraiva Pereira, Fernando Carlos Cabrita Romero