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Present and perspectives of the intellectual capital management in Romanian university environment

Radu Bucea Manea Tonis, Cezar Braicu


The theory of organizational learning seems to be practical when researchers can find connections between two or more variables that can be justified and implemented. The term “intellectual capital” has appreciated over time acquiring a growing value. Work based on sustained learning contributes to the development of the intellectual capital not only of the employers, but also of the universities. In the current period of “knowledge economy” and “corporate university” development, the creation and evaluation of knowledge are recognized as important and necessary to be included in the educational programs. Knowledge management regards tacit and explicit knowledge. During the theoretical training, students mainly access information in written or verbal format, transmitted mainly on the teacher-student communication channel. During practical activities and mutual interactions, students agree to the informal knowledge, highly sought after by employers. In this paper, we will deal mainly with the ways of coding the information of statistical interest, which will be subject to a meta-level coding at the programming languages level, applicable to the analysis of the central trend and the shape of the data series distribution by estimating the parameters of the regression equation. According to the analysis, it results that in the absence of some measures to stimulate birth rate or attract foreign students, the Romanian higher education will register a considerable decline compared to the reference period in terms of the number of enrolled students.


knowledge management; intellectual capital; university environment; information

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