Preventive anticrisis strategy for development of industrial enterprise

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Hanna Tarasova
Sergey Zaharov
Mykhaylo Vereskun
Valeriia Kolosok


It is established that under anticipatory management of industrial enterprises it is expedient to prevent the development of anticrisis strategies for counteracting the most probable crises for an industrial enterprise. At the same time, the main question is to determine when it is necessary to intensify these preventive anticrisis development strategies. To solve this problem, a scientific and methodical approach has been developed to intensify anticrisis strategies for the development of an industrial enterprise on the basis of weak signals, based on the use of a model for estimating the proximity of an industrial enterprise to a crisis state, and which provides for the preventive adaptation of an industrial enterprise to abrupt changes in the environment or changes in the development trajectory enterprises. It makes possible to assess the stability of the trajectory of development of the industrial enterprise at a specific time, and, accordingly, to carry out anticipatory management of the development of the industrial enterprise.



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