Improvement of IFRS application policy in relation to land assets of agricultural enterprises

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Valerii Zhuk
Yuliia Bezdushna
Svitlana Tyvonchuk


The climate change and food security are closely related to the effective use and conservation of agricultural land. This research is devoted to improving the methodological and methodical procedures for the IFRS’s application to the accounting of the land assets of agricultural enterprises, primarily for the needs of developing countries.

Research of the accounting state of agrarian enterprises in Ukraine was carried out using statistical methods, methods of analysis and synthesis. Interviews of 3000 different accountants as to the land tenure of enterprises revealed methodological and methodical difficulties in applying IFRS to the land assets of agricultural enterprises. A special need consists in improvement of the valuation procedures for such assets. On the example of the United States and Ukraine, it has been established that, for the purpose of determining the fair value of agricultural assets, it is difficult for accountants to use generalized approaches to IFRS that do not take into account branch specifics and differences in socioeconomic environments in different countries. For developing countries with a strong agricultural potential, the most effective is the f the land potential of agricultural enterprises based on the rental income. Accordingly, the calculation methodology should be incorporated into their current accounting policy.

Based on the simulation and forecasting technique it was determined, that valuation of the land assets of agricultural enterprises by the rental income method increases their cost by almost three times compared with the calculation based on the rental.

The carried out studies form also the methodological framework for the further improvement of IFRS, including development of a separate industry-specific IAS (IFRS) “Agricultural Land”.


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Integration System of Education, Science and Production
Author Biographies

Valerii Zhuk, National Scientific Center “Institute of Agrarian Economics”

Кафедра бухгалтерского учета и налогообложения,  главный научный сотрудник

Yuliia Bezdushna, National Scientific Center “Institute of Agrarian Economics”

Департамент бухгалтерского учета и налогообложения, старший научный сотрудник, начальник отдела 

Svitlana Tyvonchuk, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine

Кафедра бухгалтерского учета и налогообложения, доцент


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