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The role of local food production to reduce food losses and improve regional economy

João Gilberto Mendes dos Reis, João Roberto Maiellaro, Fernando Juabre Muçouçah, Oduvaldo Vendrametto, Robson dos Santos


Brazil is one of the most important agricultural growers worldwide, however, faces many logistics and distribution issues due to the size of the country. Therefore, it is known that local producers are essential to Food Supply Chains because they are near to the consumers and reduce the logistics impacts. In order to understand the role of local food producers, this study analysis the Local Food Production Mogi das Cruzes city. It is considered the center of Sao Paulo metropolitan area green belt. Data were collected from Municipal Secretary of Agriculture. The results suggest that the local government performs technical and legal actions and there is a concerning in supporting the local food producers, keep on this economic activity in a good level of efficiency. 


Local Food Production; Green Belt of Sao Paulo; Mogi das Cruzes city

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