Optimum combination of process parameters to optimize Surface Roughness and Chip Thickness during End Milling of Aluminium 6351-T6 Alloy Using Taguchi Grey Relational Analysis

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Reddy Sreenivasulu


In any machining operations, quality is the important conflicting objective. In order to give assurance for high productivity, some extent of quality has to be compromised. Similarly productivity will be decreased while the efforts are channelized to enhance quality. In this study,  the experiments were carried out on a CNC vertical machining center (KENT and INDIA Co. Ltd, Taiwan make) to perform 10mm slots on Al 6351-T6 alloy work piece by K10 carbide, four flute end milling cutter as per taguchi design of experiments plan by L9 orthogonal array was choosen to determine experimental trials. Furthermore the spindle speed (rpm), the feed rate (mm/min) and depth of cut (mm) are regulated in these experiments. Surface roughness and chip thickness was measured by a surface analyser of Surf Test-211 series (Mitutoyo) and Digital Micrometer (Mitutoyo) with least count 0.001 mm respectively. Grey relational analysis was employed to minimize surface roughness and chip thickness by setting of optimum combination of machining parameters. Minimum surface roughness and chip thickness obtained with 1000 rpm of spindle speed, 50 mm/min feed rate and 0.7 mm depth of cut respectively. Confirmation experiments showed that Gray relational analysis precisely optimized the drilling parameters in drilling of Al 6351-T6 alloy. 


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Reddy Sreenivasulu, Acharya Nagarjuna University

Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering Department


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