Haemoprotozoa Infection of Domestic Birds in Hilly Areas of Bangladesh

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Tilak Chandra Nath
Jamal Uddin Bhuiyan
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The blood protozoa of two important domestic birds namely chickens (Gallus domesticus) and pigeon (Columba livia) reared in the hilly areas of Bangladesh were studied. A total of 400 birds (200 chicken and 200 pigeons) were examined of which 149 (37.3%) [95% CI] birds were found infected by one or more haemoprotozoan parasites. Haemoprotozoa belonging to three genera were identified. Pigeon 80 (40%) was recorded more susceptible to haemoprotozoa infection than chicken 69 (34.5%). 118 birds (29.5%) were found to be infected with single infection where as mixed infections were found in 31 birds (7.8%). The prevalence of blood protozoa in female birds (69.5%) was found significantly higher (p ≤ 0.0001) [95% CI] than male birds (5%). Within the study period, the prevalence rate of Haemoprotozoa was 60.6% in summer season, 36.7% in rainy and 23% winter seasons. This study has archived a high prevalence of haemoparasites, henceforth encourage further to determine the effect of contamination on the productivity and profitability of these birds, and evaluation of cost-benefit of various control strategies need to be undertaken.


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Tilak Chandra Nath, Sylhet Agricultural University, Bangladesh

Assistant Professor, Department of Parasitology, Sylhet Agricultural University, Bangladesh


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