An analysis of accident trends and modeling of safety indices in an Indian construction organization

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Sunku Venkata Siva Rajaprasad
P. Venkata Chalapathi
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Construction industry has been recognized as a hazardous industry in many countries due to distinct nature of execution of works.The accident rate in construction sector is high all over the world due to dynamic nature of work activities. Occurrence of accidents and its severity in construction industry is several times higher than the manufacturing industries. The study was limited to a major construction organization in India to examine the trends in construction accidents for the period 2008-2014. In India, safety performance is gauged basing on safety indices; frequency, severity and incidence rates. It is not practicable to take decisions or to implement safety strategies on the basis of indices. The data used for this study was collected from a leading construction organization involved in execution of major construction activities all over India and abroad. The multiple regression method was adopted to model the pattern of safety indices wise .The pattern showed that significant relationships exist between the three safety indices and the related independent variables. 


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Sunku Venkata Siva Rajaprasad, National Institute of Construction Management and Research, NAC CAMPUS

Associate Professor,National Institute of Construction Management and Research,NAC CAMPUS,Hyderabad,Telangana state,India


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