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Optimization of surface roughness and circularity deviation and selection of different alluminium alloys during drilling for automotive and aerospace industry

Reddy Sreenivasulu, Chalamalasetti SrinivasaRao


This paper presents the influence of cutting parameters like cutting speed, feed rate, drill diameter, point angle and clearance angle on the surface roughness and circularity deviation of Alluminium alloys during drilling on CNC vertical machining center. A plan of experiments based on Taguchi method has been used to acquire the data. An orthogonal array, signal to noise (S/N) ratio and analysis of variance (ANOVA) are employed to investigate machining characteristics of Alluminium alloys using HSS twist drill bits of variable tool geometry and maintain constant helix angle of 45 degrees. Confirmation tests have been carried out to predict the optimal setting of process parameters to validate the proposed approach and obtained the values of 3.7451µm, 0.1076mm for surface roughness and circularity deviation respectively. Finally, the output results of taguchi method fed as input to the AHP and TOPSIS. the results generated in both AHP and TOPSIS suggests the suitable alternative of  aluminium alloy, which results in better surface roughness and less error in circularity.


Alluminium Alloys; Drilling; Taguchi method; S/N ratio; ANOVA; AHP; TOPSIS

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