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Paulo Cesar Chagas Rodrigues
Carlos Antonio Louzada


This issue of the Independent Journal of Management & production (IJM&P) features a selection of articles submitted and revised until February 2015. Observed that works are the fruit of research and publications of undergraduate, postgraduate and entrepreneurs.

It is important to mention that all the works are showed without any kind of payment. All of them are published free from payments or taxes.

The publication also counts on the work of researchers from various parts of the world, which have undergone a process of peer review.

As chief editor of IJM&P, I am indebted to all members of the editorial board and reviewers, which contributed to achieving a very decent job during the evaluation and revision. And that has contributed to the Journal in recognition of the international scientific community.

And with all the authors, who trusted the results of their research and publications to the scrutiny of editors and reviewers who are part of our Journal.


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Author Biographies

Paulo Cesar Chagas Rodrigues, Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia de São Paulo (IFSP), Campus Avaré

Paulo C. C. Rodrigues is Professor at IFSP – Instituto Federal de São Paulo in Avaré, Brazil. He graduated in Business Administration of computer management at Gennari & Peartreutoe College in 2005.  He got a Graduate-level Specialization in Business Management at Fenix, Bauru and Public Management at the University Don Bosco.  He got his MSc in Industrial Engineering at the College of Engineering Bauru (FEB) - UNESP, Brazil, and his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at the College of Engineering at Guaratinguetá (FEG) – UNESP, Brazil. He participated in the organizing committee of Encep and ENEGEP / ICIEOM events between the years 2007 and 2010, which were promoted by ABEPRO. As a Reviewer from the European Journal of Operational Research (EJOR), he participated in some national and international events. Since June 2011 he has been teaching, exclusively, at IFSP – Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia de São Paulo, in Avare, Brazil.  Since 2010, he has been working as Chief Editor in  the journal "Independent Journal of Management & Production (IJM&P)".

Management Department; production Departament

Carlos Antonio Louzada, FSP - Faculdade do Sudoeste Paulista IFSP

Carlos A. P. Louzada is Professor at FSP – Faculdade do Sudoeste Paulista, in Avaré, Brazil, where he teaches several subjects to different ungraduated and postgraduate courses, and he is also a teacher at FISK - a regular School of Languages, where he teaches English.
He did graduate work in English and Portuguese Languages and Literatures at UNISANTOS – Universidade Católica de Santos and completed his BA in 1974.
He also did graduate work in Business Administration at UNIMES – Universidade Metropolitana de Santos and completed his BSc in 1979.
His postgraduate work in Environmental Management was done at UNISANTOS – Universidade Católica de Santos and completed his MbA in 2006;
His major areas of teaching and research have been Environmental Management and Human Resources. His interest in the topics derives from his family's experience in the port of Santos, the city he was born in Brazil. There, his father and grandfather worked for many years.
He was Coordinator of three different Business Administration Courses at three different Universities and Institutions in Santos, Brazil.
He has been a Professor for 42 years and he has worked at several Colleges and Universities in Brazil.
At present he is on the editorial board of IJMP.

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