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Forces at the Main Mechanism of a Railbound Forging Manipulator

Florian Ion Tiberiu Petrescu, Relly Victoria Virgil Petrescu


Forging manipulators have become more prevalent in the industry today. They are used to manipulate objects to be forged. The most common forging manipulators are moving on a railway to have a greater precision and stability. They have been called the railbound forging manipulators. In this paper we determine the driving forces of the main mechanism from such manipulator. Forces diagram shows a typical forging manipulator, with the basic motions in operation process: walking, motion of the tong and buffering. The lifting mechanism consists of several parts including linkages, hydraulic drives and motion pairs. Hydraulic drives are with the lifting hydraulic cylinder, the buffer hydraulic cylinder and the leaning hydraulic cylinder, which are individually denoted by c1, c2 and c3. In this work considering that the kinematics is being solved it determines the forces of the mechanism. In the first place shall be calculated all external forces from the mechanism (The inertia forces, gravitational forces and the force of the weight of the cast part). Is then calculated all the forces from couplers.



Management; Production; Engineer; Mechanical Engineering; Mechatronics; Robotics

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