Does the image of Indonesian contemporary artists matter? A theoretical review on brand image, acceptance & market opportunity

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Samuel P. D. Anantadjaya
Irma M. Nawangwulan
Aninditya Kusumah
Yusup Budi Setio
Cindy Kartika Koswara


The issue surrounding brand image is always fascinating to ponder. This is true not only for products/services, but also for organizations and individuals. Like it or not, individuals are prone toward creating brand image to excel in life. From the understanding on products/services, personal marketing for artists are deemed necessary. Following the study on personal brand image, it is fascinating to evaluate the likelihood of impact toward public/market acceptance, and whether the level of public/market acceptance influences the level of market opportunity for those artists. Hence, it is expected that the relationships are adequately robust.


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Samuel P. D. Anantadjaya, Faculty of Business Administration & Humanities Swiss German University

Holding a doctoral degree in Strategic Management from Universitas Katolik Parahyangan, Bandung, Indonesia, a Magister Manajemen degree in Strategic Management from Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen Bandung, Indonesia, an MBA degree in Finance from Edgewood College, Wisconsin, USA, dan a Bachelor of Science in Finance & Economics from the University of Wisconsin, USA.

Acting as an editor and/or reviewer for several academic journals in Indonesia and India.

Have actively participated in annual international seminars and conferences.

Have engaged in numerous consulting appointments in several industries, such as; manufacturing, pharmaceutical, textile, automotive, and philantrophic organizations.

Assisting the School of Accounting of the Faculty of Business Administration in Swiss German University since 2006, lecturing in master-degree programs at Universitas Kristen Maranatha, and managing selected advanced classes at Harapan Bangsa Business School.

Acting as a business partner in laundry & dry cleaning business activities since 1985


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