Study to evaluate the performance development of brazilian franchise segments

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Alvaro Luiz Neuenfeldt Júnior
Julio Cezar Mairesse Siluk
Marlon Soliman
Kelen Franciane Scheroldt Marques


The gradual development of the control systems and management of information about the organizations environment through measurement systems made, in this day and age, the reflection of reality. For the Brazilian franchise system this relationship is not different, evidenced by the variation of more than three times the amount raised in comparison to gross revenues achieved since 2001. Given this scenario of growth, this article has for primary objective to propose a performance measurement system for a segment of existing franchises in Brazil, through the elaboration of indicators related to external factors considered business critical success factors, based on financial and non-financial data made available publicly by the Brazilian Franchising Association (ABF). As a result, five performance indicators were developed for the system in question, in addition to the application of this model in a specific thread within the franchise system for the purpose of analyzing the information obtained and testing the reliability of the parameters used, identifying both that the model is reliable in accordance with the criteria established.


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Alvaro Luiz Neuenfeldt Júnior, Federal University of Santa Maria

Production Engineering Post-Graduation Program

Innovation and Competitiveness Group

Julio Cezar Mairesse Siluk, Federal University of Santa Maria

Production Engineering Post-Graduation Program

Innovation and Competitiveness Group

Marlon Soliman, Federal University of Santa Maria

Production Engineering Post-Graduation Program

Innovation and Competitiveness Group

Kelen Franciane Scheroldt Marques, Federal University of Santa Maria

Production Engineering Post-Graduation Program

Innovation and Competitiveness Group


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