High efficiency gears synthesis by avoid the interferences

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Florian Ion Tiberiu Petrescu
Relly Victoria Virgil Petrescu


The paper presents an original method to determine the efficiency of the gear, the forces of the gearing, the velocities and the powers. It is analyzing the influence of a few parameters concerning gear efficiency.These parameters are:z1 - the number of teeth for the primary wheel of gear; z2 - the number of teeth of the secondary wheel of gear; alpha0 - the normal pressure angle on the divided circle; beta - the inclination angle. With the relations presented in this paper, it can synthesize the gear’s mechanisms. Today, the gears are present everywhere, in the mechanical’s world (In vehicle’s industries, in electronics and electro-technique equipments, in energetically industries, etc). Optimizing this mechanism (the gears mechanism), we can improve the functionality of the transmissions with gears. At the gear mechanisms an important problem is the interference of the teeth. To avoid the interference between teeth, we must know the minimum number of teeth of the driving wheel, in function of the pressure angle (normal on the pitch circle, alpha0), in function of the tooth inclination angle (beta), and in function of the transmission ratio (i).


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Florian Ion Tiberiu Petrescu, Bucharest Polytechnic University

Ph.D. Eng. Florian Ion T. PETRESCU

Senior Lecturer at UPB (Bucharest Polytechnic University), Theory of Mechanisms and Robots department,

Date of birth: March.28.1958; Higher education: Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Faculty of Transport, Road Vehicles Department, graduated in 1982, with overall average 9.63;

Doctoral Thesis: "Theoretical and Applied Contributions About the Dynamic of Planar Mechanisms with Superior Joints".

Expert in: Industrial Design, Mechanical Design, Engines Design, Mechanical Transmissions, Dynamics, Vibrations, Mechanisms, Machines, Robots.


Member ARoTMM, IFToMM, SIAR, FISITA, SRR, AGIR. Member of Board of SRRB (Romanian Society of Robotics).


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