Modeling of Microbiological and Biochemical Processes under the Conditions of Steam Contact Sterilization in Containers of Turkey Meat Pate

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Tetiana Prylipko
Volodymyr Kostash
Tetiana Koval
Alina Shuliar
Volodymyr Tkachuk
Alona Shuliar


The article proposes modes of sterilization of meat pate from turkey meat, which was determined by the method in which the actual lethality Ff relative to the microflora should be equal to or exceed the required lethality of the sterilization process Fn (Ff ≥ Fn) canned turkey pate. The results of the study of the dependence of the kinetics of biochemical reactions on the thermal, chemical and mechanical sensitivity of the processed product, on pressure, temperature  and chemical potential are presented. One of the effective ways to intensify the heat transfer process is the contact heating of the product by means of steam supply, which has a technological effect on the processed products. When comparing the results of the simulated results with experimental data, it is established that the solution of the problem of calculating the temperature field of the product on a computer gives quite satisfactory results between the calculated and experimental data. It is established that as a modification for the processed products it is necessary to solve thermohydromechanical equations with the corresponding initial and boundary conditions in addition to the transfer equation for each scalar quantity.


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Integration System of Education, Science and Production
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Tetiana Prylipko, State Agrarian and Engіneering University in Podilya

Doctor of Science (Agricultural), Professor of the Department of Technology of Production, Processing and Standardization of Livestock Products, 
She teaches disciplines taught: Technology of livestock production; Commodity science of livestock products; Technology of meat and meat products; Technology of milk and dairy products; Modeling of technological processes of animal husbandry
 Author of more than 200 scientific works.

Volodymyr Kostash, State Agrarian and Engіneering University in Podilya

Candidate of Agricultural Sciences (Ph.D.),  Assistant at the Department of Normal and Pathological Morphology and Physiology,  
He teaches disciplines taught: Morphology, physiology of farm animals and radiobiology.  Pathological physiology.  Cytology, histology, embryology.
Author of more than  25 scientific works

Tetiana Koval, State Agrarian and Engіneering University in Podilya

Candidate of Agricultural Sciences (Ph.D.), Associate Professor at the Department Agrochemistry, chemical and general biological disciplines
She teaches disciplines taught: Biochemistry of animals with basics of physical and colloid chemistryю Author of more than 110  scientific works.   

Alina Shuliar, Zhytomyr National Agroecological University

Ph.D., Candidate of Agricultural Sciences (Ph.D.), Assistant at the Department Livestock Production Technologies of Animal Products. She teaches disciplines taught: pig production technology, animal biology, animal biochemistry. Author of more than 71 scientific works. 

Volodymyr Tkachuk, Zhytomyr National Agroecological University

Candidate of Agricultural Sciences (Ph.D.), Associate Professor at the Department Livestock Production Technologies of Animal Products. Author of more than 121 scientific works.

Alona Shuliar, Zhytomyr National Agroecological University

Candidate of Agricultural Sciences (Ph.D.), Associate Professor at the Department Livestock Production Technologies of Animal Products. Author of more than 124 scientific works. 



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