Periodicity.: October - January 2014
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Identification of adulterant and alcohol route in biodiesel using mid-infrared absorption spectroscopy

Maryleide Ventura da Silva, Sandro Marcio Lima, Luis Humberto da Cunha Andrade, Euclésio Simionatto, Márcio da Silva Figueiredo


Mid-infrared absorption spectroscopy was used to analyze soybean oil, ethylic and methylic soybean biodiesel, and blends prepared with soybean oil mixed with biodiesel, in order to evaluate this method as an alternative to assess oil as impurities or adulterant in biodiesel. We also aimed to determine whether the biodiesel was prepared by the ethyl or methyl routes, by inspecting the infrared spectra. The C-O functional groups between 1100 and 1200 cm-1 are different for oil and biodiesel, which allows them to be used to distinguish impurities (residual oil) in biofuel. The peak C-O-C at 1017 cm-1 is characteristic for methylic biodiesel, and the peak O-C-C at 1035 cm-1 for ethylic biodiesel. These vibrational modes can therefore be used to indicate the route used to prepare the biofuel. Results indicated that infrared spectroscopy is appropriate for monitoring the quality of biofuel for commercial sale.


biodiesel; oil-biodiesel blends; infrared spectroscopy.

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